No Installation

No Hardware Installation on premises nor Software Installation on clients' computers.

No Licenses

No licenses involved in any infrastructure nor computers, and no maintenance needed.

Simple Integration

Just a tiny change of MX record in your DNS, you are good to go. You are in full control over the flow of emails.


Increased productivity. Spend no time on clearing rubbish from your Inboxes. Do the math.


Lower bandwidth usage, our system is your frontline, and acting as your secondary holding mail server.


Along with AntiVirus in place, keeping your domain immune to the ever-mutating spam, ransomware, malware, viruses, phishing, impersonation for money transfer . Always two steps ahead of spammers.

Why Hydra ?

Hydra is a dynamic, ever-evolving system that captures 99.99% of all spam without affecting the flow of legitimate email. It uses a proprietary, sophisticated algorithm that ensures it keeps up with the constant, minute-by-minute evolution of spam and keeps your mail servers protected from it. Implementing our service is fast and easy, requiring no hardware, installation or ongoing maintenance from your end.

Hydra is based on our proprietary holistic algorithm running on a cluster of super computers. Hydra is always learning and adapting itself to stay ahead of the threats.

Spam is all bad

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums and digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Spam, or unsolicited mail, is infuriating. It abuses a service, floods your email account with illegitimate mail, steals your resources and generally wastes your time and money.


Spam mutates every second of every minute, every day. You may already have anti spam software installed in your mail server, or expensive hardware that installs updates daily into your mail server.

Everyday, there are new phishings, impersonation, malwares, ransomwares, viruses. Waiting for updates means it's too late.

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